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AMITY JEE 2022 Books: CBSE NCERT Books, Reference Books

Updated On - March 21 2022 by Vikash Jha

AMITY JEE 2022 Books- This section contains a list of some of the useful books that students can use to prepare for the Amity JEE 2022 in accordance with the Amity JEE 2022 Syllabus in order to gain admission to the various B.Tech. programs/courses offered by Amity University. Amity University holds its own entrance examination for admission to B. Tech programmes every year, known as the Amity Joint Entrance Examination. It's a computer-based exam comprising papers in either PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English) or PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English) (PCBE).

Application Link: Amity University has released the application form for the entrance exam, find the official website here.


The CBSE Class XII syllabus is used to create the questions. The following are some of the reference books for Amity JEE 2022:

  • NCERT Physics for Class XI and XII
  • NCERT Chemistry for Class XI and XII
  • NCERT Maths for Class XI and XII
  • Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney
  • Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A. Das Gupta

AMITY JEE Reference Books

AMITY JEE 2022 Books
AMITY JEE Books NameDetails
NCERT Physics Class XI and XII

Physics NCERT textbook has been excellently written for Physics.

H.C Verma, Retd. Prof., IIT-Kanpur wrote Concept Of Physics in the early 1990s, and it is a highly recommended must-have book for entrance exams in Physics. It is the only book to date that has thoroughly explained all of the principles with a large number of problems. The problems in this book encourage analytical reasoning and aid in the development of a strategy for applying concepts in as many ways as feasible. As you progress through the exercise, the issues become more difficult until you reach the last two problems in the chapter, which can only be completed if you have a thorough understanding of the chapter.

  • Resnick, Halliday, and Walker (Optional): This book is used as extra reading material to help students better understand the topic presented in each chapter. Each idea is described in great detail, with numerous instances for each concept. The examples used are more relevant to what we see in real life. I.E. Irodov and G.C. Agarwal's Concepts of Physics are two other books you can use to find some good problems.

NCERT Chemistry 11th and 12th class











The material of NCERT chemistry books is fairly extensive. The text and exercise problems are on a very basic level and cover every aspect of the subject. Use these books to establish solid foundations before moving on to more challenging challenges from other books and materials.

  • P. Bahadur's Numerical Chemistry (Objective book): This is one of the most highly recommended physical chemistry books for any engineering entrance test.
  • Arihant Organic Chemistry Objective (Optional): While NCERT theory is sufficient for organic and inorganic chemistry, students can use Arihant publishing books for further practise.

NCERT Maths 11th and 12th

The book's problems are simple and straightforward. The majority of the problems can be handled by the student orally. This book should be read as soon as possible throughout the preparation process.

  • Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry: S.L. Loney The author has written the book in such a thorough manner that even Ph.D. students use it. It is always preferable to have a mentor to guide the learner on which parts of the book should be solved and which parts can be skipped for optimal preparation.
  • G.N. Berman: This book is designed exclusively for Calculus, and there are a variety of problems for each idea in each chapter. This book should not be used beyond Calculus because it contains higher-level maths. 
  • Das Gupta: It's an excellent indicator of your understanding of each subject because it's a practise book for each chapter. The motto of this book is, "Practice makes perfect."

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